Routine eye exams are important — regardless of your age or your physical health.

A comprehensive eye exam includes more than just a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, it also screens for common eye diseases and evaluate how the eyes work together as a team and your general overall health. Yearly exams are important to keep glasses and contact lens prescriptions current and comfortable and to check for early signs of eye diseases. Routine exams for children are important for normal vision development and to gift them with the tools needed for academic focus.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Includes:

  • Pretests
  • Visual Fields Test
  • Dilation
  • Eye Prescription, if necessary

Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting Includes:

  • Follow-up for 90 days at no charge.

Eye Dilation

  • Follow-up for 90 days at no charge.


  • Red Eye/Watery Eye.
  • Foreign Body Removal.

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